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by Victor II Appleton

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  • Author: Victor II Appleton
  • Subcategory: Action & Adventure
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC (May 23, 2010)
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Download Tom Swift and His Air Glider fb2

He was a little worried lest the wind die out, but when he got outsidehe noted with satisfaction that the gale was stronger than at first. Infact it did considerable damage in Shopton, as Tom learned later. It certainly was a strong wind. An ordinary aeroplane never could havesailed in it, and Tom was doubtful of the ability of even his bigairship to navigate.

In the days that followed Tom and his friends worked hard. The airglider was made as nearly perfect as any machine is, and in a fairlystiff gale, that blew up about a week later, Tom did some things in itthat made his friends open their eyes. The young inventor had it undernearly as good control as he had his dirigible balloons or aeroplanes. The big airship, too, was made ready for the long voyage, extra largestorage tanks for gasolene being built in, as it was doubtful if theycould get a supply in Siberia without arranging for it in advance, andthis they did not want to do.

It was just this way with the airglider-it was mounting upward on a slant. The Russian said nothing, but he looked his thanks to Tom, and themanner in which he grasped the hand of our hero showed his deepfeelings. I'm going up a couple of hundred feet at least," answered Tom, "andhigher if the gale-strata is there. Tom decided to change some of the weights, and he devoted allhis time to this alteration, while Ned, Mr. Damon, and the otherslabored to get the big airship in shape for the long trip to the landof the exiles.

Produced by Tom Szolyga Tom Swift and His Airship by Victor Appleton Contents I An Explosion II Ned Sees . Without further notice of Andy Foger, Tom Swift turned aside, andfollowed the aeronaut into the enclosed yard

Without further notice of Andy Foger, Tom Swift turned aside, andfollowed the aeronaut into the enclosed yard. Other author's books: Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle; Or, Fun and Adventures on the Road. Tom Swift and His Airship. Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat; Or, Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure.

Tom Swift and his Airship is the third book in the Tom Swift series and the first one with a vehicle that’s somewhat out of the ordinary. So far Tom has had a motorcycle and a motorboat. Not exactly thrilling stuff for a modern reader but then again we don’t live in 1910

Tom Swift and his Airship is the third book in the Tom Swift series and the first one with a vehicle that’s somewhat out of the ordinary. Not exactly thrilling stuff for a modern reader but then again we don’t live in 1910. To my disappointment the villains of this story are the same villains in the previous two books. But wait you say, didn’t Tom have the crooks arrested and sent to jail. Yup, but they immediately escaped and inexplicably went back to Shopton to rob the towns bank. This is a gang that seems incredibly flexible in their crimes.

Victor Appleton’s most popular book is Tom Swift: The Original Series Combo Volume III: Bo. .Tom Swift and His Aerial Firetruck: Fighting Infernos WhileGetting His Own Back at a Mean Young Man by. Victor Appleton, Thomas Hudson.

Tom Swift and His Rocket Ship. Tom Swift and his father travel to a South American country in their flying space lab to look for uranium and keep it from falling into the hands of a group of dangerous rebels. The Adventures of Tom Swift, Volume One: Four Complete Novels.

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Tom Swift and His Airship. Chapter 25. Andy Gets His Reward. Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers; Or, The Secret of Phantom Mountain. Tom Swift and His Wireless Message; Or, The Castaways of Earthquake Island. Tom Swift in the City of Gold; Or, Marvelous Adventures Underground.

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Reviews about Tom Swift and His Air Glider (5):
Let me start with the positives of the book. The obnoxious Andy Foger makes no appearances.

This is the twelfth Tom Swift book I've read and I've seen a steady decline in quality. Maybe it's because the books have gotten so repetitive, after all Tom has now visited a mountain of diamonds, a valley of gold, a city of gold and now a platinum mine. Maybe it's because there is a lot of lazy writing. At the beginning of the book Tom Swift is having a conversation where he discusses his inability to get high quality platinum and he just happens to be overheard by a man who has been to the greatest undiscovered platinum mine in the world. Maybe it's because Tom Swift's inventions have become increasingly unrealistic.The electric gun had some serious feasibility issues but Tom's air glider is absolutely absurd. It's an engine less glider that flies like a plane in heavy winds. In fact the heavier the wind the better it flies. Somehow or another it is able to hover in hurricane like conditions and it's capable of carrying at least four passengers, heavy supplies and a huge pile of platinum. I was impressed by the early books usage of science and engineering but it feels like Appleton has run out of ideas and now Tom is inventing pure fantasy. The repetition isn't even just with previous books it's within the book itself. Twice, people try to delay Tom Swift and crew by stalling them in their attempts to refuel. The two incidents were so similar I thought for a moment it was a printing error. These Tom Swift books are quite short and yet there is a ton of padding to extend the story.

When I first started reading the Tom Swift series I was really in to the glimpse of the early 20th century but as time has gone on the novelty has worn off and now I'm seeing more of the flaws in the writing. The author was producing, on average, FIVE of these books a year so it's not surprising that the quality would be lacking. This is a series clearly going for quantity over quality and it's starting to sag over it's own weight. Let's hope the next book is an improvement.
This little tome finds Tom and his chums off to Russia in the late Czarist era in search of a platinum mine. Another interesting read around the American persona of the time. BTW- If I haven't mentioned it before, these don't get 5 starts b/c (even though these were translated for free) the proofreading leaves a lot to be desired.
love all tom swift books
Yes, I read these many, many years ago, and even so they are fun to read and compare to our modern-day.
I am big fan of tom swift, but this book especially impressed me because of the excellent plot and setting.

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