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by Steve Jackson

  • ISBN: 1575664569
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  • Author: Steve Jackson
  • Subcategory: True Crime
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  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Kensington (January 1, 2002)
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Download No Stone Unturned: The Story of Necrosearch International fb2

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A hiker brutally murdered, then thrown off a cliff in a remote mountain range. A devious killer who hid his wife’s body under a thick cement patio. For investigators, the story is often the same: they know a murder took place, they may even know who did it. But without key evidence, pursuing a conviction is nearly impossible.

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In No Stone Unturned, New York Times best-selling author Steve Jackson, the author of Bogeyman and Monster, vividly tells the story of this incredible group and recounts some of their most memorable early cases that separately would make great true crime books.

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Jackson is a newspaperman's newspaperman, the kind of guy for whom "journalist" is simply too pale a term.

A riveting foray into the world of crime investigation documents the development of NecroSearch, a team of the nation's top scientists, specialists, and behaviorists who use the latest technology and the most advanced techniques to solve "unsolvable" crimes, and provides a wealth of real-life mysteries solved by this revolutionary organization. 20,000 first printing.
Reviews about No Stone Unturned: The Story of Necrosearch International (7):
The first Season of Cold Case Files covered the Michele Wallace case (Episode 18: Portrait of a Killer) and described the work of NecroSearch. I had no idea there was a book about the work of this organization until I saw the same case covered on Forensic Files (Season 9, Episode 18) and found out that Steve Jackson had written this book about solving the Michele Wallace case 20 years after her murder. It's a fascinating description and explanation of how forensic investigators were able to find the remains of several long-dead murder victims and solve long cold cases. Jackson's writing is accessible and captivating.
This review is for the Kindle version with the Audible edition.

I hold the forensic disciplines in high regard, might indicate why I like this book so much. The topic is one in which I have great interest but that would not prevent me from writing a bad review if, in fact, it deserved a bad review.

The tale is about the beginning and continuing unfolding evolution of the inter-inter-disciplinary and inter-inter-profession group of volunteers now known as Necrosearch Inc. I found the material intriguing and engaging. The presentation is in great detail yet flows smoothly from start to finish. Once again the narration was superb and more than worth the cost of adding it to the Kindle purchase.
Grief never ends, but closure brings peace of mind. Interesting read on the development of forensic science as an evolving art. No Stone Unturned gives insight into this sciences and lends particular importance in finding bodies of murdered victims and solving murders. Necrosearchs dedication to scientific facts and equipment have evolved over time with sophistication to bring help closure to so many families seeking answers to finding their lost and murdered loved ones and to the law enforcement professionals seeking justice for their victims, placing murderes behind bars.
No Stone Unturned
No stone unturned is a very heart wrenching book about how the tiniest little bit of evidence can bring justice to a family whose loved one has been missing for decades. Necrosearch is an organisation that has the top scientists, behaviourists and specialists who use the latest technology and work as a team in their special fields of expertise to painstakingly sift through dirt, climb down cliffs and in the most remote areas to follow animals that have scavenged body parts and no matter how clever the criminal thinks he is by disposing of his victims in such remote locations Necrosearch puts the tiny bits of bones, hair teeth back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Their original name was the Pig People.
One story that really touches any true crime reader would have to be the murder of Michele Wallace by the murderous Roy Melanson. Michele Wallace was a 25-year-old freelance photographer who came to Gunnison, Colo., in the summer of 1974 to photograph the Rocky Mountains. In late August, she told her parents she was going on a backpacking trip with her dog, Oakie, in the mountains.
On her way back to her car on Aug. 30, 1974, two men drove by, stopping to ask her if she wanted a ride. she found the two men with their car broken down further ahead. Noting that her car was down the road, she offered them a ride to Gunnison, about 35 miles away. Melanson, who introduced himself as “Roy,” sat in the front. His travel companion, Chuck Matthews, sat in back with Oakie. Wallace dropped Matthews off at a bar in Gunnison. Melanson hesitated, instead asking Wallace to take him to his vehicle. Roy Melanson did not have a car and this sealed Michele fate.
on July 26, 1979, a hiker came across a head of hair in two long brown braids. Wallace was known to wear her hair in two braids. The discovery sparked another search, this time in the area where the hair was found, but searchers found nothing. Kathy Young, had just started in investigations at the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office in 1988 when she was assigned to the Wallace case. She investigated it over several years, piecing the evidence back together and tracking down witnesses. 18 YEARS LATER Necrosearch where approached by Kathy Young after reading about them she had nothing to lose and wanted to solve this case.
Cecilia Travis, one of the Necrosearch team members, wandered downhill off the road to use the bathroom. She was on her way back up to the team when she spotted a glint of light from an object on the ground. When she got closer, she realized it was a gold tooth in what appeared to be a human skull, the team then painstakingly worked days until they found parts of Michelle and eventually Kathy got her day in court and was able to prosecute Roy Melanson. The sheer amount of circumstantial evidence and the magnificent job of tying such a complex case together gives you nothing but the highest regard for Kathy and the team.
Sadly, Michele mother committed suicide just after hearing her daughter was presumed murdered years earlier and had left a suicide note telling her husband to bury their daughter with her if she was ever found. George her father found love a second time and remarried but was never the same man as he grieved for both his wife and daughter. It was good to see he got to promise his wife’s wishes and buried his daughter, but sadly his second wife died and he had two lots of ashes to pick up on the same day.
The other stories are just as intriguing as Necrosearch finds more cold case bodies and meet the police who just could not let the case close even after years of toil it may take on their families and their health. The book is well written and holds the reader’s attention from page to page. A must read book for all true crime readers up there with Ann Rule, Kathryn Casey, M.W.Philps
I enjoyed following Steve Jackson's history of the group of scientists which certainly applied Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning with combined disciplines to form a group to help stop murderers from killing innocent victims. Old cases, cold cases are never cold in the minds of families broken by murder. I found this book on kindle for the first time and enjoyed my walk with Steve and the investigators as he played Dr. Watson and chronicled the detectives at work with their respective disciplines!
This is well written for the average person to just pick up and read. The real situations are handled with passion, and considering the cases with where in the investigation certain scientific research may come to the aid of law enforcement. This a story of a group of scientists that do research for better understanding in helping locate bodies and help the forensics be the best it can. They are independent from law enforcement and are a non-profit group and every case is taken on only if the police have done a lot of work and the group thinks it can help in some way. I thought it was very interesting and informative.
As a lover of the tv show 'Forensic Files', I knew I had to read this book after seeing it on the show. This is the story of a group of scientists that put their efforts into finding clandestine graves. The book covers several cases that are each amazing! From the use of sonar equipment to blood hound dogs, this group uses all sorts of methods to reach their conclusions. It is a real group that are called into real cases to bring closure to otherwise cold cases. Amazing and addicting. I couldn't put it down for long

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