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by Carole MacKie,Sue Brattle

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  • Author: Carole MacKie,Sue Brattle
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  • Publisher: Aurum Pr Ltd; First Edition edition (May 1, 1999)
  • Pages: 248 pages
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Download Me and My Shadow: Learning to Live With Multiple Sclerosis fb2

The author relates the circumstances surrounding her diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, her struggle to learn to live with the illness, and her work to raise money for MS research
Reviews about Me and My Shadow: Learning to Live With Multiple Sclerosis (7):
I loved this book when I first read it (20 years ago) I have ms and this book is so me. My shadow and I do not agree much anymore but hey who else can I argue and get angry with that will not yell at me.
Zeks Horde
My 35-year-old daughter gave me this book. She was recently diagnosed with MS and we have read the basic information books from the MS society. These books were very informative but as with most books of this nature...very factual.
We have been leery to read other books since the unpredictable nature of this disease can be very upsetting for both patients and their families.
Carole's book was very different. It gave her story, then gave those that were close to her, the opportunity to tell their story as to how it has effected their lives as well.
This is the first book that I have read that is about having and living with MS. I read a negative review from someone who had MS who thought that Carole's symptoms were not bad enough for her to complain about. Yet, there are so many of us out there who have what is most of the time a hidden disease. We look fine, but often don't feel fine. We know that next "episode" may be just around the corner and that it could take away more of the "normal" part of us. Those around you can't understand. It was wonderful to find someone who feels like me. Frightened, but determined is what I saw in Carole's spirit. I realize that those of us who suffer at a similar level as Carole are lucky, but I also know that it is not the same "me" as before and I don't like it. I, like Carole, am learning to redefine "me" and to fight this disease with all I have. Carole's story made me feel better about this newer "me" and coping with what life has dealt me. She voiced so many things that I have been feeling. I felt like I had found a friend who understood.
Carole's story is breathtakingly honest. She is a real inspiration, I found I could not put the book down. I feel I have a much greater understanding of what it is like to live with a dibilitating disease such as MS the various difficulties faced not only by the sufferer but their family and friends. An extremely heartfelt and compassionate story, I was cheerng for Carole and wish her every success in her life.
Carole Mackie's story of her symptoms, her diagnosis, the progress of her disease, and the things she did; projects she took upon herself to help her come to terms with her disease is one of the best'personal story' books on MS that I have read. Because the course of her disease was so similar to my own. I feel like most people with the relapseing-remitting type of the disease need to read this book. She doesn't over dramitize, or give any technical medical rundown. She is just an ordinary working young person faced suddenly, and joltingly, with a potentially, progressively debilitating disease. How she deals with it and comes to acceptance was life-reaffirming to me. She answered the question for me: where do, and will I be able to go from here?
If you are looking to share experiences with someone but don't like meetings this is a great book. It details so many relevant thoughts and issues for all of us with MS. My husband is reading it next so he can get an excellant idea of what it might be like to be the sufferer instead of the caregiver.
I read this book soon after I was diagnosed in 2000, and found it very helpful to me. Not only were the decriptions of her symptoms similar to some of mine, I was also remitting relapsing at the time. It helped to give some idea of how people close to me might be feeling.

The biggest impact for me though was when I read the part about when a close friend of hers was killed in a car accident and it made me realise that although this is a terrible disease- shocking things happen to people all the time. I think I am trying to say it gave me more perspective and I think that might have been Carole's intention.

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