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by Elsa Walsh

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  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster; First Edition edition (August 7, 1995)
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Download Divided Lives fb2

Journalist Walsh presents in-depth profiles of the conflicts and compromises in the lives of three highly successful women. Rarely have women's voices been heard so clearly and poignantly.

Journalist Walsh presents in-depth profiles of the conflicts and compromises in the lives of three highly successful women. -San Francisco Examiner Magazine. Women should read Divided Lives and take heart, men should read it and take note. -Entertainment Weekly. Clear-eyed and compassionate. Every woman will find herself in some measure in these pages.

Despite the large number of books devoted to women's issues in the last twenty years, Washington Post reporter Elsa Walsh felt that the literature was missing a crucial element-the voices of women themselves.

Writer, author Divided Lives, most recently staff writer The Ne. .

Writer, author Divided Lives, most recently staff writer The New Yorker and The Washington Post, wife and mom - saving the best for last.

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Elsa Walsh talked about her book Divided Lives: The Public and Private Struggles of Three Accomplished Women, published Simon and Schuster in 1995. She interviewed dozens of women but eventually settled on these three representatives

This year’s keynote speaker and Woman of Vision is Elsa Walsh ‘75, an accomplished journalist and author. She is the author of Divided Lives: The Public and Private Struggles of Three Accomplished Women.

This year’s keynote speaker and Woman of Vision is Elsa Walsh ‘75, an accomplished journalist and author. After Notre Dame, Elsa attended UC Berkeley, and. Elsa’s daughter, Diana, attends Yale University. Elsa lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Bob Woodward, who has also had a long history with the Washington Post.

Vieira discusses her family and career decisions in the book Divided Lives: The Public and Private Struggles of Three American Women by Elsa Walsh. 1985–1989: West 57th. 1989–1993: 60 Minutes correspondent. 1992–1993: CBS Morning News co-anchor.

An intimate look at the lives of three contemporary women--television journalist Meredith Vieira, conductor Rachael Worby, and breast surgeon Dr. Alison Estabrook--portrays their conflicts as they struggle to balance their own needs with the needs of those around them. 20,000 first printing.
Reviews about Divided Lives (7):
I learned of this book watching a "Booknotes" re-run on C-SPAN, and found Elsa Walsh's discussion intriguing enough to buy and read her book. While a longtime enthusiastic believer in the wisdom, strength and talents of women, but who also believes women and girls continue to be considered inferior or unworthy (in some cases by members of BOTH genders), I still found this book to be a fascinating study of how these women had to struggle to attain their full potential. I'm a man, but I know from my experience that countless women today are totally unaware of these kind of struggles by their sisters. I also have to wonder, based on periodic and recent observations, what women continue to experience today. I fear that things may not have improved all that much, and I'd like to see an updated version.
I bought copies for my daughters, all of whom were youngsters or not yet born when this book was written.
I am still reading this book. Of course we have read and have in our library several of Bob Woodward's books, but this is the first time we became aware of his wife's talent. I like the book very much and what inspired me to order it was her interview on Book TV. It is very easy reading and amazing that her three women she settled on were so candid in their conversations to her.
Arrived as promised, interesting book
Walsh writes about what women are really struggling with - perhaps we can't really have it ALL, or at least not the all as we defined for ourselves at 18. As a 30-something professional woman who is trying to start a family while maintaingn a growing career, I have been struggling with this concept daily recently. Walsh's narrative has helped me work through some of my own challenges and validated how hard this process has been and continues to be. I think this book is a must read for young women who are trying to balance careers, family and friends without losing their own identity.
I've read alot of magazines on women in the working world; but, none of them ever step thru the decision making process this well. These are people facing extremely tough challenges, usually alone (or with friends who are not actually in the same "trenches", but are looking at the challenge from afar.)
These are brave people, on their own - working thru challenges; How else will i learn about the challenges i have yet to face but through stories like this. I do not learn from tv or movies - nor from newspaper articles or magazines - i do not see these types of stories anywhere. There is room for them and there is a big need for them. Women with daughters should read this; women with a passion for their careers should also; women debating whether or not to have children at a later point in their life should read this.
It is written with tolerance for other opinions which so many stories and people today are lacking. It was really enjoyable...
I'm writing this review primarily to refute Milly's poor rating of this book. While I completely agree with her comments about Meredith and Rachel, I feel the author did an excellent job portraying all the women for who they truly are. It is a relief to see that people who seem to have it all really are like the rest of us and struggle with the same issues we do. It is also wonderful to see the different ways these women deal with their issues, whether they do so in a healthy manner or not.
This book helped me realize my life isn't so bad and that I do ok dealing with my own issues. Thus, I recommend this to all working women as you are bound to benefit from it in one way or another.
It was difficult for me to empathize with Meredith and Rachael. Their lives seemed to have everything, but their lack of maturity stopped them from realizing this and finding joy. These two women were in deep need of therapy to resolve past mother-issue problems that now seemed to dominate their decision making capability and their day-to-day functioning. Both Meredith and Rachel are smart, financially stable and have, what seems, very understanding, caring, and husbands. I found both Meredith and Rachel very spoiled! They totally erased these blessings to dwell on their angst, their woe is me! attitude, and their inability to self-sacrifice. Alison, the third women, has the same advantages of Meredith and Rachael, but approaches life pro-actively. She looks for counsel among friends and professionals, she evaluates situation, and handles frustration and inequity with aplomb and class. Alison, knows that every decision in life entails some sacrifice. I wish the book were more about women like Alison. Since it was not, I give it one star...the star goes to Alison.
I thought this was an excellent book and really touched on the issue of balancing work and family. It was fascinating to read the stories of very succesful women who probably appear very self confident about their very successful careers, but who are really struggling. I found it motivating to hear their stories of how they balanced work and family, even though some of it was a bit hard to relate to (i.e. taking a $50,000/year pay cut when you're making $450,000/year!). I found this book to be inspiring and a must read for anyone struggling with these issues.

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